How to lose weight in less than 1 month and how to get in shape for your next vacation

In this article you will learn exactly how to develop your dream body without much effort.

Really fast weight loss: we’ll tell you how that’s possible based on scientific evidence.

It has been proven possible to lose up to 4 pounds of body weight in 24 hours with a high amount of body fat.

Even people with less experience in training whose metabolism is more trimmed to the use of carbohydrates become real fat burning monsters.

Unfortunately, there is a sobering truth at this point: of course, this does not work without exercise and effort.

An important component of this method is an evening interval training to empty the carbohydrate storage and to force your body to activate fat burning as an energy supplier.

Your employer does not need you

Everyone can be lucky to have a workplace where the employees are valued. Unfortunately there are countless exceptions. Some feel less important than the broken copier in the unused office.

So how about you?

You have no idea if your employer respects you or your efforts? Do you feel invisible and worthless? Basically you’re not even sure whether they know that you are on the salary list?

Here are some hints that will prove how unimportant you are.

If everybody is not annoyed at you for being late for the meeting, but for showing up at all, then you are probably useless at work.

Who are you
It’s been five years since you started and you are repeatedly introducing yourself over and over again at every single Christmas party, well then don’t take it personally, because it means that your colleagues think that you are someone’s plus-one. That’s awesome and probably the only positive aspect of this particular situation: You can’t be fired!

No advice, best advice
Your answers are as helpful as a water scotter in the Sahara desert, but you still wonder why they don’t ask you for help?

Lost in vacation
It doesn’t make any difference whether you are on holiday or in the office, you are as helpful as a water scoo….oh no, we had that already. Above all you are the only one who never gets any business calls while enjoying the beach. Which is a good thing, let me tell you.

How did you notice, that you are unimportant? Was it anything from the list above or an entirely different clue?

“Just got fired!” does not count!

Share your pitiful experiences right here in the comment section below!