Strange people in public transportation

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, sooner or later you will be using public transportation.

By all means, it’s a great way to travel and reduce air pollution ( also it can be such a joy smelling someone’s armpit in summer)¬† and you don’t have to stand the pressure of finding a parking space downtown.

However, the bad thing is that you not only pay an infuriatingly large amount of money for a single ticket, but the experience costs you nerves of steel.

A public transporting vehicle, be it a train or a bus or the underground, is unfortunately a place where you will¬† be forced to face your own worst nightmares. You will encounter people’s personal habits and neauseating weirdnesses.

Though most of us try to be a decent person when confined to public transportation, some tend to live the extreme opposite. I guess these people just really want to be hated.

Eventually this comes from psychological problems, ridiculous extroversion or just a lack of hygiene standards; anyway it can be a thrill for everybody around them.

Here are some of the most appreciated stories we gathered for you:

If you don’t have the guts to be devastated on TV, you might still be brave enough to prove your singing talent riding the subway.
Even though your voice might sound heavenly under the shower or you really rock every single karaoke bar, that doesn’t mean everyone else will feel entertained.

Reading dirty books
It’s really kind of impressive if someone is reading a book about genital diseases while using public transportation, but I really don’t want to sit where that person sat.

Never shower
Natural body odor can be a great way to get some extra space in a crowded train wagon, but it feels like a gas attack for everyone else.

Killer armpit hair
This often comes hand in hand with “never shower” but it is more shocking for your eyes, than your nose.

Screaming children
I really think that children know when there is the perfect moment for being intolerably loud. Probably it’s something like a seventh sense. I don’t know when it’s worse, in a supermarket queue or in a crowded bus.

Stare or die
One of the more fanatic things during a bus or train ride is the “stare or die”-game some people like to play.

What kind of weird or let’s say “interesting” people have you met using public transportion?

Please share your horror stories and make us all want to stay at home.