How to make money online

Here are some interesting ways to earn money online:

1 Start blogging, gain a ton of followers and grow orangic traffic.

2 Be an Amazon affiliate partner and get commissions.

3 Do online testing of products, apps, websites or shops.

4 Start creating videos for youtube and become a partner of their adsense program.

5 Be a freelance writer for online prints, reviews or reporting.

6 Sell online products like e-books, courses or do online teaching.

7 Sell memberships or premium offer.

8 Be paid for searching.

9 Start trading markets

10 Be a “clickworker”

11 Saving money

12 Get paid listening to music

13 Buy and sell websites or domains

14 Sell stuff that you don’t need anymore

15 Lend money

Unnecessary insurance – or how to not trust the bride

You should prepare yourself well for various situations in your life.

At least my parents always taught me that.

There may be lightning strikes, fire damage or even flooding. Life often finds it extremely amusing to surprise you in the most evil way, right?

For this reason, many people are taking insurance policies to protect their loved ones and their property.
Sure, there are many insurance packages which are suitable to assure an individual perfectly, however, there is also a lot of trash which has already been sold to too many people.

In order to protect you from these bad decisions and to spare your money bags we have put together a few which can be missed.

Our list of the worst insurance so far:

In principle, it is very honorable to protect your family members from the costs of your own death, but usually more is being paid in than is being paid out.

Death is an expensive business!

Domestic emergencies
If you are a socially isolated person this insurance can have its advantages. In short this insurance comes into play if persons or services have to be paid for taking care of your home while you are absent.

I think my neighbor needs this insurance urgently. I water his flowers way too often.

This insurance is notably popular at the beginning of the annual travel period. Unfortunately the terms of the contract are often more uncomfortable than the flight in the economy class.
You basically have to get lost together with your suitcase while sitting on it, to fulfill the conditions of refund, otherwise the insurance simply suspects negligence and the claim expires.

Very prudent to think about the well-being of the other passengers and therefore to apply for such an insurance.
However, this is already included in the legal liability insurance.
At least in Germany we have that.

Eyeglasses can be an expensive luxury. Even worse, if you would not be able to read this article without wearing your glasses.
So it’s really excellent that someone has contrived the glasses insurance. Unpractically, there is often a high self-interest to one, unless you are satisfied with the quality of a discounter.

Special expenses
Includes the typical incidental costs of a hospital stay.
, most of them pay out so little there that the effort is hardly worthwhile.

You all know this one. The small extra insurance which is gladly offered with a big smile when buying a new smartphone or other electronic devices.
Too bad the payout is based on the value after use.

Sneaky pigs!

Wedding cancellation
My personal favorite on this list. Well, honestly a little unromantic and probably the trust killer shortly before the wedding. However, this insurance has some interesting advantages. In the case of unpredictable events, parts of the costs incurred with the wedding will be refund.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to the last minute escape of the bride while waiting at the altar.

By which insurance have you been taken in?
Which one do you regret the most?
Support the enlightenment and leave some helpful comments.

Your employer does not need you

Everyone can be lucky to have a workplace where the employees are valued. Unfortunately there are countless exceptions. Some feel less important than the broken copier in the unused office.

So how about you?

You have no idea if your employer respects you or your efforts? Do you feel invisible and worthless? Basically you’re not even sure whether they know that you are on the salary list?

Here are some hints that will prove how unimportant you are.

If everybody is not annoyed at you for being late for the meeting, but for showing up at all, then you are probably useless at work.

Who are you
It’s been five years since you started and you are repeatedly introducing yourself over and over again at every single Christmas party, well then don’t take it personally, because it means that your colleagues think that you are someone’s plus-one. That’s awesome and probably the only positive aspect of this particular situation: You can’t be fired!

No advice, best advice
Your answers are as helpful as a water scotter in the Sahara desert, but you still wonder why they don’t ask you for help?

Lost in vacation
It doesn’t make any difference whether you are on holiday or in the office, you are as helpful as a water scoo….oh no, we had that already. Above all you are the only one who never gets any business calls while enjoying the beach. Which is a good thing, let me tell you.

How did you notice, that you are unimportant? Was it anything from the list above or an entirely different clue?

“Just got fired!” does not count!

Share your pitiful experiences right here in the comment section below!

Strange people in public transportation

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, sooner or later you will be using public transportation.

By all means, it’s a great way to travel and reduce air pollution ( also it can be such a joy smelling someone’s armpit in summer)  and you don’t have to stand the pressure of finding a parking space downtown.

However, the bad thing is that you not only pay an infuriatingly large amount of money for a single ticket, but the experience costs you nerves of steel.

A public transporting vehicle, be it a train or a bus or the underground, is unfortunately a place where you will  be forced to face your own worst nightmares. You will encounter people’s personal habits and neauseating weirdnesses.

Though most of us try to be a decent person when confined to public transportation, some tend to live the extreme opposite. I guess these people just really want to be hated.

Eventually this comes from psychological problems, ridiculous extroversion or just a lack of hygiene standards; anyway it can be a thrill for everybody around them.

Here are some of the most appreciated stories we gathered for you:

If you don’t have the guts to be devastated on TV, you might still be brave enough to prove your singing talent riding the subway.
Even though your voice might sound heavenly under the shower or you really rock every single karaoke bar, that doesn’t mean everyone else will feel entertained.

Reading dirty books
It’s really kind of impressive if someone is reading a book about genital diseases while using public transportation, but I really don’t want to sit where that person sat.

Never shower
Natural body odor can be a great way to get some extra space in a crowded train wagon, but it feels like a gas attack for everyone else.

Killer armpit hair
This often comes hand in hand with “never shower” but it is more shocking for your eyes, than your nose.

Screaming children
I really think that children know when there is the perfect moment for being intolerably loud. Probably it’s something like a seventh sense. I don’t know when it’s worse, in a supermarket queue or in a crowded bus.

Stare or die
One of the more fanatic things during a bus or train ride is the “stare or die”-game some people like to play.

What kind of weird or let’s say “interesting” people have you met using public transportion?

Please share your horror stories and make us all want to stay at home.

Your first kiss will be disappointing

One of the most awkward, romantic or disappointing moments in everyone’s lives is probably their very first kiss. A lot of people try to get this right, and yet still mess up brutally.

Why is kissing so difficult, let alone dating? Probably because it is a major step of growing up, at least that’s what most people would like to believe, reinforced by too many predictable teenage movies and cringe-worthy TV shows.

More often than not the first kiss is just a weird moment of nervousness and it ends up as a funny story you tell at a college party.

Maybe while reading this you will find yourself lost in some embarassing and yet weirdly adorable memories.
If not, maybe your first kiss is in the near future, and perhaps you will remember the following list collected by our staff with an amused smile and slight terror.

Hopefully you will avoid most of the horrendous kisses we had the bad luck of experiencing.

Bad breath
If your date can guess what you ate for lunch two days ago, you probably have some heavy hygiene problems and are definitly not ready for this experience.

Kissing can quickly accelerate into a rush of pure passion, but always remember, your goal is not to taste someone’s blood and bite their face open with unnecessary teeth-investment. At least not during the first kiss. Except your name is Dracula, then go ahead.

Even though a lot of movies might give you some powerful inspiration for this one, do not try some exotic tongue technique until you are able to handle this discipline.

Forced kiss
Some people show up at a date having a bizarre plan, somehow they have a specific list in mind of things or goals they are trying to achive.
One of these can be a kiss. If the moment’s right it will happen anyway. Forcing it would be as romantic as a picnic in a public toilette. And it most likely turns off your date.

Fish kiss
Don’t date and feel hungry, that’s what your date is thinking. Opening your mouth for the kiss like you are eating a burger is not what you are supposed to do, except you are into cannibalism, but honestly that’s nothing you should be into, either!

If you and your consenting partner are, though, more power to you, we won’t judge you…

Kissing in front of parents
No matter how strong your parentel connection might be, do not kiss in front of them. Even weirder, if they ask you to kiss in front fo them, don’t do it! Spare yourself the embarassment.

Immoral touch
First kiss = NO!

Peer pressure
Do yourself a favor and do not kiss a random person at a bar, party or a club, just to prove to your friends that you are not the last to make that experience.

Do you remember any of these or even worse ones? What was your worst kiss?

Please let us know in the comments below!