What is my IP address and is there a way to remember it?

If you want to find out your IP address, you can easily do this through a small search in your computer.

In the lower left corner of the screen you will find the search line of your operating system. Type in the command “CMD” and confirm with the enter key. A command window opens. Now you enter the command “ipconfig” and execute this input again with the Enter key. Now you will be listed all IP relevant information.

Now for the second part of the above question: How can I remember my IP address better.

The big problem with this is that figures are something extremely abstract and therefore harder to understand and remember for your brain.
Based on the number-form system, each number should be assigned something tangible, something our brain already knows from everyday life at best.

A “1” could symbolize a candle or a “5” a human hand with the corresponding fingers.

But if such a method really helps you to remember an exceptionally long combination of numbers like your IP address and if this really does make a difference in your life then you have to decide for yourself.